Monday, 24 December 2012


There are many props we require for our video.

# Costume- different outfits (max.3) for our model, most of which she will provide herself.

# A beanie hat/snapback cap- I have both already.

# Lipstick- I have a variety of lipsticks we are able to use.

# Make-up- We wont be using theatrical make up for example, just simple day-to-day make up which the model will already be wearing.

# Footwear- Either the model will be wearing appropriate footwear (pumps, trainers etc), or Kiah will lend her some for the shoot.

# Boxing Gloves- Kiah has a pair of boxing gloves that we can use for the shoot.

# Boxing Equipment- Providing we have full access to a boxing ring/gym, we will find all essential boxing equipment already there, with the exception of the boxing gloves and tracksuit which either me, Kiah or Thea will provide and have ready beforehand.

# Dog- One of our shots features our model walking a dog alongside a canal. Kiah has allowed us to use her dog for this shot.

Cost of The Video

#With use of the college media equipment (cameras, tripods, green screens), we are able to create the music video without spending a lot of money, however, we are unsure whether the boxing ring we are hoping to use as a shoot location will require some cash in exchange for their provision of facilities. Kiah and I have discussed this, and as the location is essential to our shoot, we are willing to split the costs of boxing ring-rent equally.

#Driving to certain locations such as the canal in worcester will cost us only in petrol, and Kiah and I are both happy to drive when necessary.

#The cupcakes and icing we plan to use for our stop motion during the video will cost under £2, so again, we will equally split the overall costs.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


We have discussed asking someone to create some dance choreography for our model. Bry is a college student and is able to create a short routine for our model.

Rihanna's Rudeboy video features choreography that we are keen to take inspiration from.

Also, Missy Elliott and Ciara's video '1,2 step' features dance moves that would look good in our music video. Although this genre is typically hip hop, the dance moves are relevant to our music genre; contemporary rnb/pop, as they have an urban edge.


On Friday 14th December, we began creating drawings for the animatic. As of today, we have thus far taken 9 photos ready for editing. We have nearly completed all animatic drawings and will have uploaded all pictures and finished editing by Thursday 20th December.

Tuesday 18th December- We finished the drawings, and took photographs of the animatic shots. The total amount of footage is 57 seconds. This includes 2 verses and the chorus. We aim to upload and edit the remaining photos tomorrow, Wednesday 19th December.

This is the final product of our animatic. The total length of the animatic is 1 minute and 11 seconds, 14 seconds longer than we orignally planned. It was uploaded on Thursday 20th December- as planned.

There is a specific motif carried through our animatic, and soon to be carried through our video. We aim to focus on the mouth of the model, in particular, her lips. We plan to use different colour lipsticks to draw attention to the mouth, thus creating a star persona for our model. It is something she will be recognised for, and the audience will see that we have used this technique on purpose.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Planning: Location


We require a boxing ring as the location of our music video.

I contacted a Boxing Gym in Worcester regarding filming access to their indoor boxing ring.
The manager requested that we ring again closer to the time to discuss this, after the Christmas period.

Box Fitness Worcester: 01905 611 399

I contacted another Boxing Venue called Worcester City Amateur Boxing Club.
 07764 166279 

There are a few other locations that we require for filming. They are easy to access and do not require permission, however a Health and Safety check will be mandatory to ensure there will be no damage to ourselves or the equipment we need for filming.


# Boxing Ring.
# Spetchley Woods near college grounds- a brick wall covered in graffiti set behind a fence.
# Canalside, Worcester City.
# Bridge near Canalside, Worcester City.
# Classroom with a Green Screen (Our media room).

Planning: Storyboard


Kiah and I have discussed the rough draft of the storyboard we have created. We have decided to mix entropy and redundancy, in regards to a narrative.

#The model in our video will be a female boxer, miming the lyrics at certain stages of the song, looking directly at the camera, with some choreography in scenes.

# She will have 2/3 different costume changes.

# The narrative behind the video will feature boxing and running (providing we have access to a boxing ring).

# We will use synaesthesia during some verses and the chorus to fit the beat of the song.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Planning- Discussion

11th December- Kiah and I discussed the concept of our music video, and began creating a storyboard to choose which kind of shots we would like to use for it. We discussed the following:

# Model- previously discussed. We are using Thea.
# Costume- we decided on bright clothing.
# Props- Boxing gloves, dog, cupcakes.
# Locations- Canal side, possibly a boxing ring, Spetchley woods, inside media classroom.

We discussed the idea of using stop motion within our video. 'Born to Fly' is the title of track we are using, and as the chorus begins, we are toying with the idea of using cupcakes with icing and single lettering of 'Born To Fly'. We have practised using stop motion before, and feel it would be a beneficial technique for our video.

We intend to remove the icing from these cupcakes which can be purchased at Tesco, add our own icing individually, and take many shots to create Stop Motion technique. After each cupcake has been individually iced, we will use a black icing pen to spell out 'Born To Fly' over the cupcakes.

This is a stop motion video of cupcakes being made and iced. From 1 minute 49- I want to copy this action, but add lettering to the icing with the use of stop motion, from start to finish.

MOTIF- we have discussed using a motif, something the model can be recognised for. This will be created through Extreme Close Up shots (ECU's) of her mouth whilst she lipsings to some words of the song. These shots will be short, probably lasting no longer than 3 seconds (maximum), and we will change her lipstick/lipgloss accordingly to her outfit, ensuring she maintains a redundant contemporary rnb/pop singer-style.

CHOREOGRAPHY- we have briefly discussed choreography, and have contacted a friend of Kiah's to help with the creation of a short dance routine.


Costumes, Props, Models, Locations.
Shot lists, Storyboard, Animatic.
Focus Group, Audience Research.
Technical Practise.
Development of the concept.
Time Management.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Focus Group

- I created a focus group on facebook.
- I added friends who enjoy the music genre- Pop/Contemporary RnB.
- I uploaded pictures of fonts, and template colour schemes, asking the members to comment
  on my choices, saying whether they feel they are suitable for the music genre.

- I explained the concept I was trying to achieve through my digipak and advertisement.

Here is a screen grab of the overview of my facebook group.

This screen grab features a comment from a member regarding the font I wished to use on both my digipak, and advertisement.

I took the positive feedback and proceeded with using the chosen font I found on the website

This screen grab shows my magazine template that I created. I asked for criticisms.

I was advised to change the black block along the bottom of the advertisement, as it isnt attractive to the members of my target audience. The colour scheme and photograph were enjoyed by the members, however I decided to somewhat change it in my final draft; sticking to the black and white imagery, but changing the font colour.

Saturday, 1 December 2012